Teeth Whitening in Ipswich MA

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Teeth may become discolored for a variety of reasons including diet (e.g. drinking coffee and red wine), smoking, tooth decay, tartar build-up, trauma, and/or use of some medications. While there are many options for improving the appearance of discolored teeth such as having regular cleanings and brushing regularly, and avoiding certain foods and drinks – professional whitening is an option that may be necessary depending on the needs of the patient. We offer several options for professional whitening using the Philips Zoom in-office and take-home whitening system.

In-Office Whitening

With this method, the color of the teeth is lightened by placing a whitening solution on the outside of the teeth. After placing a rubber seal around your teeth to protect your gums, a whitening gel is painted onto your teeth and a special, bright light is pointed at them. This light speeds up the whitening process.

Take-Home Whitening

Your dentist may suggest that you whiten your teeth at home. This involves taking an impression of your mouth in the office so that a custom bleaching tray can be made. At home, you insert a whitening gel provided by your dentist into the tray, which then holds the gel against your teeth

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